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What is the best way to make a child realize that all the toys in this world do not belong to him/her?


“Momma, that is my Bella!”, shouted Alisa’s toddler and ran to grab the bright orange teddy bear from Olivia’s little girl. What followed were minutes of disappointing commotion to make Alisa’s kid understand that the doll was a different one that belonged to Olivia’s daughter. By mistake, Alisa’s little girl had concluded that the doll was the same one they had back at their home and this was the reason for the alarm and the agitation that resulted.

I give my child everything he needs to be happy, but he hates me!

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Parenting is getting tougher with the changing times. Kids of these days are never like the kids of a few decades back. Therefore to parent their kids in a successful way, growing number of parents is looking for expert guidance.

Why my child is always stressed out?

Toddler crying in high chair

Childhood is a wonderful phase of human life. Many times we wished our childhood continued for eternity. At the end of a stressful day, we often grieved, “I really do miss my childhood”. While this is quite understandable, the true picture is far different from what we might imagine.

Why my child doesn’t want to communicate about anything?


Back from school, is your kid escaping into aloofness?

Are you able to elicit only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses from your child that too rarely?

Do you feel your child does not look into your eyes while conversing?

How to prepare for a Baby?


The very thought of progressing to the next role in one’s life is not only exciting but quite overwhelming at times. From physical changes to bobbling emotions, get ready for a roller coaster life ahead dear Mommy!

Too much screen time is bad for active kids too


The most popular pastime of kids these days finds them screwed to their handheld devices. The new age games and programs run on these small screens have the miraculous capability to hook the kids up for endless hours. The dreadful bi-products of this trend have raised some far reaching concerns in the society today. Opening the media, we hear a lot of alarming cries from the parents, child medical specialists, socialists and educationists viewing the dangers of this addictive behavior of kids from their own angles.

How to get your Toddler ready for Preschool?

what age do kids start preschool

So the time has come Mommy! Your little one is going to enter the real world now. And as much as it’s an intimidating experience for your little darling to get ready for the Preschool, things are not too easy for the moms too…C’mon, you got to agree with me on this. To help your little one (and you too) in this transition, read on further some simple tips on how to get your toddler ready for Preschool.